Video 29 Jun 387 notes


Breaking news. 

Link 21 Mar Unbearable»

Part 2!  Old-fashioned shootout between Dossey and Ling Ling

Link 21 Mar The Loyal Order»

Part 1.  The Loyal Order has a traitor in its midst.  Panda-monium ensues.

Link 2 Sep Tempest in a Teapot»

RALEIGH - Breaking news in the wake of Hurricane Irene: Chief Diplomat Zachary Attachery announced today that the potentially devastating hurricane was thwarted or warded off when a last minute…

Link 30 Aug To the Time Machine! - Part 27»


Continued from Part 23

LeTrent was so pleased to be Security Chief, he was practically glowing.

Never mind that a ferocious skyscraper-sized Venus flytrap somehow…

Link 19 Jul Spitler Day 2011»

RALEIGH - Perhaps out of resentment for being forced to work on a holiday, the legislative body we call the Imperium met this morning to try Political Officer Spitler for “crimes against the…

Link 5 Jul Speed Demons»

RALEIGH - More and more traffic cops are riding with a new partner these days and we don’t mean Jesus. We mean the next best thing.

Raleigh Civil Protection, in conjunction with the Catholic…

Link 28 Dec Total Recall»

NYC - The Surgeon Colonel held a press conference today to announce the recall of the infamous Loyalty Chip.

"I apologize that the Surgeon General herself could not be present for today’s briefing,…

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